TruLaw is now offering an array of law firm marketing services designed to make us the premier “one-stop-shop” for all legal client acquisition needs!

We are proud to announce that  SimplyConvert, recognized by ABA as one of the top leading innovators in legal tech, has entered into a strategic partnership with The Search Engine Guys (TSEG) under the TruLawTM brand,  to provide law firms with a single point of contact and real-time reporting for all of the following services:

Our Legal Digital Marketing Services

Our full scale law firm digital marketing services include:

Paid Media Case Acquisition
  • Digital Advertising
  • OTT/CTV Advertising (Sling, Hulu, etc)
Organic Case Acquisition and Brand Building
  • Website Audit, Design, Development
  • Landing Pages Optimized for Conversion
  • SEO
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Brand Creation
Emerging Tort First to Market Services
First mover advantage for emerging mass torts, recalls, safety announcements, and catastrophic events


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Why TruLaw Legal Marketing?

TruLawTM brand has been a trusted resource for legal consumers since 2015. Now in its seventh year, TruLaw dominates the consumer-facing digital legal space, engaging more than 130 million potential clients annually.

Most law firms do not have the resources to succeed in the digital legal space like TruLaw. But your firm can take advantage of TruLaw’s consumer reach by engaging us to assist you in paid advertising, content creation, SEO, and marketing management. Whether it’s traffic through direct channels or organic traffic to your site, the TruLawTM brand can help you to generate leads, convert those leads and get new signed clients with almost no effort for you or your staff.

When it comes to keeping up with changes to legal consumer expectations and the quickly evolving digital landscape, TruLaw is a case study in best practices.

Combining forces with TSEG only makes sense: our core purpose is to simplify all intake, thereby making law firms more profitable. Under the TruLaw umbrella and with the assistance of TSEG, we are doing just that.

For tech-forward law firms who desire “white glove” service, there is no better solution than TruLaw – a seamless way to work with both SimplyConvert and TSEG, unlock SimplyConvert services and features available only to TruLaw firms, and access the gold standard client acquisition service offering.





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