TruLaw Marketing

Law Firm Marketing Services for the Modern Lawyer

TruLaw is now offering an array of law firm marketing services designed to make us the premier “one-stop-shop” for all legal client acquisition needs.

We are proud to announce that SimplyConvert, recognized by ABA as one of the top leading innovators in legal tech, has entered into a strategic partnership with The Search Engine Guys (TSEG) under the TruLaw™ brand,  to provide law firms with a single point of contact and real-time reporting for all marketing needs.

TruLaw Marketing Services

Utilizing SimplyConvert’s instant case evaluator and TSEG’s robust digital marketing infrastructure, TruLaw’s marketing services meet quality legal clients where they reside on the internet, providing them with accurate legal support and qualifying them for lawsuits instantly.

Paid Media Case Acquisition

TruLaw’s Paid Media Case Acquisition Team provides cutting-edge strategy and support for advertising efforts on all major platforms.

Our paid media case acquisition techniques implement two of the most effective strategies for acquiring quality legal clients at reasonable rates:

  • Omni-channel Digital Advertising
  • OTT/CTV Advertising (Sling, Hulu, etc)

These advertising strategies target legal consumers and convert them into clients.

From major social media platforms, streaming services, and search engines to traditional advertising platforms on TV and radio, our content meets the legal consumer where they consume their media.

All advertising campaigns are data-informed and continually monitored to optimize performance and cost-effectiveness.

Organic Case Acquisition & Brand Building

TruLaw’s Organic Case Acquisition and Brand Building Team has the capability and marketing know-how to re-brand your firm, establish a comprehensive content strategy, manage your social profiles, and set you up for success in both single-incident personal injury practice areas and competitive mass tort litigations. 

Our Organic Case Acquisition and Brand Building offerings include:

  • Website Audit, Design, Development
  • Landing Pages Optimized for Conversion
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Brand Creation

Building your firm’s public image and managing intake, marketing, and up-to-date legal information is time-consuming and difficult to take on. 

TruLaw’s Organic Case Acquisition approach utilizes the latest strategies for SEO content creation, website optimization, skilled graphic and creative design, and comprehensive social brand management, funneling legal consumers to your website and providing them with a seamless experience from intake to settlement.  

Emerging Tort First-to-Market Services

Our First-To-Market content packages couple our Paid Advertising Acquisition techniques and our Organic Case Acquisition strategy to put your firm in front of potential clients for new and emerging mass tort litigations. 

TruLaw’s First-To-Market content package provides a quick turnaround for SEO web pages with accurate legal information, a unique intake system with lawyer-informed case criteria, and comprehensive advertisements to sign clients instantly.

TruLaw Legal Marketing: Maximizing Your Firm’s Reach and Seamlessly Sign Clients

Capture an Audience, Drive Traffic, & Convert Users to Clients

And, best of all… 

Your intake team never needs to lift a finger.

TruLaw Legal Marketing: Maximizing Your Firm’s Reach and Seamlessly Sign Clients