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Our attorneys help people who have been injured by bad drugs, medical devices, or toxins through no fault of their own

Most of the cases that we pursue are products liability lawsuits. These lawsuits seek to hold drug or device manufacturers liable for injuries people experience at the expense of their bad drugs or medical devices. Product liability cases are very time-consuming corporation that can spend a lot of money and time to defend their products. For this reason, it is critical that you hire lawyers that have the resources needed to be taken seriously.

We want you to know that if you hire us, we are just as invested in the outcome as you are. TruLaw lawyers and its partners work on a “contingency fee” which means that you do not pay anything unless and until there is a successful resolution to your lawsuit.

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TruLaw and our partner law firms have successfully collected over $3 Billion through verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured individuals in all 50 states.

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Jessica Paluch Hoerman

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There must be a better way. There must be a way to inform injured individuals of their legal rights, retain clients, and help lawyers communicate better with potential and existing clients. These were the concerns that became the focus for Jessica through her work at TorHoerman Law, a law firm she built with her husband, a personal injury attorney.

Jessica is an Illinois lawyer, a CPA, and a mother of three. She spent years working as an international tax attorney at Deloitte before her career took a back seat to raising her kids. Her return to work, nearly 10 years ago, was intense. The timing of her return to work collided with an opportunity for the Hoerman family to start a personal injury law firm. Overnight, they had 30 employees depending upon the new law firm’s success. Jessica took on the role of marketing manager and immediately focused on client outreach – knowing full well that their law firm would fail if they couldn’t find clients to serve.

Out of this hands-on work building a successful law firm, TruLaw was born. TruLaw developed a platform that gives injured individuals and their families immediate answers as to whether the law firm can assist them in personal injury and product liability cases.

TruLaw has been very successful, but Jessica now recognizes a digital transformation taking place leaving in its wake a new kind of legal client – one that expects immediate and valuable information without reading through website information. Jessica believes that no platform is better positioned to make the transition to provide this information than TruLaw.