FDA warns – Herold’s Salads Inc. recalls assorted deli salads due to potential Listeria contamination

Herold’s Salads Inc., of Cleveland, Ohio, has recalled 28 varieties of packaged deli salads under multiple brand names because the products may contain a trace of Listeria monocytogenes, reports the FDA.

In healthy individuals, Listeria monocytogenes typically causes “fever, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.” However, pregnant women with severe Listeria infections may suffer stillbirth. Anyone who may be experiencing any one of the above symptoms is advised to contact their healthcare provider immediately.

Initiated by the company on December 16, 2023, the recall covers an assortment of packaged salads with expiration dates ranging from as early as November 23, 2023, and as late as January 25, 2024.

Officials note that because the products may appear in a variety of sizes and packaging styles based on location, consumers should consult with their point of purchase to learn whether a given product is covered by the recall.

As observed in the FDA communication, the products were made available at hundreds of different locations across the state of Ohio.

Although Herold’s Salad has not received any reports of illness or adverse health events connected to the potential contamination, the company said it decided to take precautionary measures on specific batches that carried the risk.

Consumers who may be in possession of any of the affected products (as identified in the table within the FDA announcement) are urged to discard of the items. The products can also be taken back to Herold’s Salads Inc.

Further questions may be directed to the attention of Herolds Salads, Inc. representative Michael Sabetta at (216) 991-7500, extension 41, or via email at msabetta@heroldssalads.com.


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