FDA warns – Multiple varieties of ToYou Snacks Snack Bars recalled due to undeclared soy

Winter Garden, Florida-based ToYou Snacks has recalled its ToYou-branded snack bars in multiple flavors (Coconut Mocha, Chocolate Mango, Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate, Mint Dark Chocolate, Banana Foster, Mango Yogurt) due to the presence of soy, an allergen not declared on the product’s ingredient statement, reports the FDA.

Individuals who live with a soy allergy or sensitivity are advised that they could suffer major or life-threatening allergic reactions upon consumption of the products.

Announced by ToYou Snacks on January 5, 2024, the recall covers Chocolate mango and Banana Foster snack bars that were made available between September 6, 2023 and December 15, 2023, at Whole Food stores across the state of Florida. It also affects Coconut Mocha, Mint Dark Chocolate, Mango Yogurt, Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Mango, and Banana Foster flavors sold directly to consumers across the U.S. through Amazon, via its North Carolina distribution center, from November 9, 2023 to December 15, 2023.

Affected ToYou snack bars come in a 40-gram (1.4-ounce) packages sold in 14-count boxes. Both components are wrapped in craft-styled paper accented by bright colors highlighting the flavor names.

A complete list of affected flavors, as well as their associated delivery dates, lot numbers, and expiration dates can be found in the tables provided in the FDA announcement.

While ToYou has not received any reports of illnesses related to the recall, the company has since ceased all production of the product in all impacted flavors as it works in collaboration with the FDA to resolve the issue.

Officials were first alerted to the issue through the Florida Department of Agriculture. The soy allergen declaration was found to be missing from product wrappers, which the company attributed to a lack of knowledge on protocols around mass-printing wraps.

Anyone who may have purchased any of the above 40-gram bars is asked to discard or return the items to receive a complete refund. Questions and concerns may be directed to the company at toyousnacks@me.com


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