FDA Warns – Sun Wave Brand Mini Fruit Jelly Cup (35.27oz/52.90oz) recalled due to possible choking hazard

Alhambra, California-based Richin Trading Inc. has voluntarily recalled its Sun Wave-branded Mini Fruit Jelly Cup (35.27 oz. and 52.90 oz.), in multiple flavors, because the size of the individual jelly cups presents a potential choking hazard.

Distributed to retail food stores across the U.S., the jelly cups in question come in large clear jars. Six products are subject to the recall:

  1. Sun Wave Mini Fruit Jelly Cup (Assorted Flavors)
    • UPC 715685121437; Net Weight 52.91 oz.
  2. Sun Wave Mini Fruit Jelly Cup (Mango Flavor)
    • UPC 715685121444; Net Weight 52.91 oz.
  3. Sun Wave Mini Fruit Jelly Cup (Lychee Flavor)
    • UPC 715685121451; Net Weight 52.91 oz.
  4. Sun Wave Mini Fruit Jelly Cup (Assorted Flavors)
    • UPC 715685121512; Net Weight 35.27 oz.
  5. Sun Wave Mini Fruit Jelly Cup (Lychee Flavor)
    • UPC 715685121529; Net Weight 35.27 oz.
  6. Sun Wave Mini Fruit Jelly Cup (Mango Flavor)
    • UPC 715685121536; Net Weight 35.27 oz.


Though the company has not received any reports of choking or other injury related to the issue to date, officials were moved to take action after a discussion with a representative of the Food and Drug Administration confirmed the possible choking hazard. The FDA notes that there is a precedence of similarly-sized jelly cups being implicated in the choking deaths of children.

Anyone who may have purchased the affected products is asked to take them back to the point of purchase to receive a total refund. Alternatively, consumers could carefully discard the products in a sealed package and place that package in a secure garbage bin with a snug lid.

Questions related to the recall can be directed to the company at (626) 303-3212, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.


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