FDA warns – Paradise Flavors ice cream bars recalled due to multiple undeclared allergens, color additives

Over 40 different flavors of Paradise Flavors ice cream bars has been recalled by Paradise Flavors LLC, of Marathon, Florida, due to the presence of several undeclared allergens in the products, including peanuts, tree nuts (chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pine nuts, cashews), wheat, soy, and milk, in addition to a range of undeclared color additives (FD&C blue #1, blue #2, red #3, red #5, red #6, red #40, yellow #5 yellow #6, yellow #8).

Consumers who live with an allergy or serious sensitivity to the aforementioned allergens and color additives are advised that they could suffer a major, life-threatening allergic reaction upon ingesting the recalled products.

Initiated by Paradise Flavors LLC on October 12, 2023, the recall covers ice cream bars that were distributed to customers in Monroe County, Florida, via retailers like gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, resorts, as well as directly through the company.

The ice cream bars are packaged in 4-ounce (120-ml.) plastic pouches with the brand name, “Paradise Flavors,” prominently printed across the front. In retail stores from Key Largo, Florida to Key West, Florida, they are often sold out of freezers bearing Paradise Flavors logo stickers.

A complete list of the 40 products, as well as their undeclared allergens and undeclared color additives, is included in the FDA communication. Images of the products can also be referenced.

Officials were prompted to take action after an inspection of the company facility by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumers Services brought to attention that the product labels do not properly list the many allergens and color additives included in the various ice cream bars.

While no related allergic reactions and/or illnesses have been reported at the time of the FDA announcement, anyone with any Paradise Flavors ice cream bar is asked to take the product to 9601 Overseas Highway, Marathon, Florida 33050, or back to where it was purchased, to receive a total refund. Further questions or concerns can be directed to the company at (305) 509-0112, Monday through Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


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