FDA warns – LQNN, Inc. recalls Saigon Gourmet Banh Ba Xa, varieties of Banh Pia due to undeclared egg

Garden Grove, California-based LQNN, Inc., has recalled its Banh Ba Xa and several varieties of its Banh Pia, under multiple lot numbers and best-by dates, due to the potential presence of egg, an ingredient not declared on the product label.

Individuals who live with an allergy or sensitivity to eggs are advised that consuming the products would put them at risk for a major, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction.

Initiated by LQNN, Inc. on February 23, 2024, the voluntary recall covers twelve (12) products which were produced by Tan Hue Vien and marketed under the Saigon Gourmet brand. Affected products are packaged in foil bags of various colors, with lot numbers and best-by dates printed on the front.

Products under recall are as follows:

  • Banh Pia Mung Bean Durian
    • 480g X16 THV 189416pack(17oz-ct)/case, PLU #1894
    • Lot #: B4.12.23; B6.12.23; B1.11.23;B2.11.23; B3.11.23;A7.11.23;A8.11.23; A9.11.23; A1.11.23;A2.11.23; A3.11.23; A4.11.23; C9.10.23; C10.10.23;C11.10.23; C6.10.23; C7.10.23;C8.10.23; C2.10.23; C3.10.23;C4.10.23; C5.10.23; C1.10.23;B10.10.23; B4.10.23; B5.10.23;B6.10.23; B7.10.23; B8.10.23;B1.10.23; B2.10.23; A10.10.23
  • Banh Pia Mung Bean Pumpkin
    • 400g X30 THV 163730pack(14oz-ct)/case, PLU #1637
    • Best By: OCT1525
  • Banh Pia Taro Durian
    • 400g X30 THV 5181/147930pack(14oz-ct)/case, PLU #5181
    • Best By: DEC0925; NOV1325; OCT1325
  • FRZ Cake Ba Xa Lady
    • 260g X20 THV 189720pack(4-ct)/case, PLU #1897
    • Best By: DEC2525
  • Banh Pia Black Sesame Durian
    • 400g X30 THV 9178/189130pack(14oz-ct)/case, PLU #1891
    • Best By: NOV1625; Oct1525; OCT1325;OCT0225
  • Banh Pia Classic Mung Bean Durian
    • 16.8oz X20 THV 307720pack(16.8oz-ct)/case, PLU # 3077
    • Best By:DEC0925; NOV2725; NOV1625;NOV1325; NOV0425; OCT1325;OCT0225
  • Banh Pia Mung Bean Durian
    • 275g X24 THV 179424pack(275g-ct)/case, PLU # 1794
    • Best By: NOV1625; OCT1525
  • Banh Pia Mung Bean Durian
    • 400g X30 THV 0595/211230pack(14oz-ct)/case, PLU #2112
    • Best By: DEC1525; DEC0925; NOV1625;NOV1325; OCT2525; OCT1325;OCT0225
  • Banh Pia Pandan Durian
    • 400g X30 THV 193430pack(14oz-ct)/case
    • Best By: DEC1525; DEC0925; NOV1625;NOV1325; OCT2525; OCT1325;OCT0225
  • Banh Pia Mung Bean Pineapple
    • 400g X30 THV 193430pack(14oz-ct)/case, PLU #1934
    • PLU: Dec0825; NOV1625; OCT1525
  • Banh Pia Pandan Durian
    • 400g X30 THV 191830pack(14oz-ct)/case
    • DEC0925; Nov1825; NOV1325;NOV0425; Oct1325; OCT0225
  •  Banh Pia Red Bean Durin
    • 400g X30 THV 8904/189030pack(14oz-ct)/case, PLU 1890
    • Best By: DEC15
  • Banh PIA Liu Sha Pumpkin4
    • 80g X20 THV 163820pack(12-ct)/case, PLU: DEC2025
    • Best By: DEC2025

All now-recalled products were distributed to Canada and to wholesale partners, markets, retail stores, and online shops across thirty-two U.S. states: “Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.”

Officials took action after learning that the products in question may have inadvertently been applied an egg wash due to a lapse in the company’s production and packaging protocols.

To date, the company has not received any reports of illness regarding affected products and no illnesses have also been reported.

Anyone with further questions about the Banh Ba Xa or multiple Banh Pia products is encouraged to return the product for a complete refund. Further questions may be addressed to Saigon Gourmet team at (714) 949-7870, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.


If you have suffered an allergic reaction and/or been hospitalized for a related adverse outcome that can be traced to an undeclared allergen in a food product, your case deserves attention and we want to help you seek fair compensation. Our attorneys at TruLaw work tirelessly to protect consumer safety standards and hold negligent parties responsible. Contact us today and/or take our free Instant Case Evaluation ℠ to learn more.