FDA warns – La Fiesta Ground Cinnamon recalled due to potential lead contamination

La Mirada, California-based La Fiesta Food Products has recalled its .87-ounce Cinnamon Ground because the product may contain a lead contaminant, according to the FDA.

Consumers should note that while lead is a toxic substance, it is found in trace amounts throughout our environment, and nearly every person is subjected to some ford of lead exposure daily, whether by breathing in dust, consuming certain foods, or drinking water. An individual may not exhibit any symptoms after exposure to very low levels of lead on a short term, but consumers should also be aware that elevated blood lead levels may also possibly be the only obvious indicator of lead exposure. Other signs and symptoms may be exhibited depending on how acute and how chronic the exposure, as well as how concentrated the lead levels. Nearly every bodily system can become impacted by lead exposure, but individual effects will be contingent on the level and duration of the exposure, as well as the person’s age and body weight.

A child who is exposed to a high enough level of lead for a longer duration (weeks to months) could suffer permanent central nervous system damage, which may be exhibited in long-term health problems such as learning disorders and developmental defects. In adults, chronic lead exposure has been linked to “kidney dysfunction, hypertension, and neurocognitive effects.”

Announced by La Fiesta Food Products on March 6, 2024, the recall covers products that were distributed and made available for purchase in retail stores across four U.S. states (California, Arizona, Washington, Texas) between April 20, 2023 and May 3, 2023.

All impacted products can be found under a label bearing “La Fiesta Brand Cinnamon Ground .87oz” and under Universal Product Code (UPC) #032327000449.

Officials say they were first alerted to the potential contamination after a lab analysis of samples of the product yielded elevated levels of lead.

Although the company has not received any reports of illness in connection to the issue to date, anyone who has purchased a recalled product is urged to discard it. The item can also be returned to the point of purchase to receive a refund.

Further questions may be directed to La Fiesta Food Products at 408-326-0487, or via email at qualityassurance@lffp.com, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pacific time.


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