FDA Warns – Joy Joy’s Bakery recalls Ube Spanish Bread, Ube Ensaymada, and Ube Roll due to undeclared wheat

Lakewood, Washington-based Joy Joy’s Bakery has recalled its Ube Spanish Bread, Ube Ensaymada, and Ube Roll due to inadequate disclosure of wheat allergen on product labels, according to the FDA.

The action was initiated on January 26, 2023, after the Oregon Department of Agriculture, by way of the FDA, raised concerns over the products’ labeling; though labeling for all three products declares flour as an ingredient, it fails to specify wheat flour.

Undeclared wheat allergen primarily concerns people with an allergy or heightened sensitivity to wheat, who would risk suffering a major or life-threatening allergic reaction upon consuming the affected products.

Though lot codes are not printed on the packaging, the now-recalled products were distributed between January 15-25, 2023 and sold at Joy Joy’s Bakery in Lakewood, Washington, and at Portland, Oregon’s Fubonn Supermarket. They can be found packaged in plastic bags or in clear plastic clamshell containers distinguished by a Joy Joy’s Bakery sticker. Multiple product images are included in the FDA communication for reference.

To date, Joy Joy’s Bakery has not received any reports of illnesses related to the recall. Anyone who is allergic or sensitive to wheat and who possesses an affected product is instructed not to consume it. Customers can either discard the product or return it to the place of purchase to be reimbursed.

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