FDA warns – Himalayan Pain Relief Tea recalled by WS Global, Inc. due to undeclared drugs

Brooklyn, New York-based WS Global, Inc. has announced a nationwide voluntary recall of its Himalayan Pain Relief Tea tea packets due to the undeclared presence of the drugs Diclofenac and Dexamethasone, reports the FDA.

As a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (also known as NSAIDs), consumption of Diclofenac can increase an individual’s risk of cardiovascular events, including heart attack and stroke. Use of the drug can also cause significant gastrointestinal damage (“bleeding, ulceration, and fatal perforation of the stomach and intestines”). Those who unknowingly consume Diclofenac could also suffer the adverse effects of the hidden drug mixing with other medications, especially other NSAID-containing products.

As a corticosteroid typically used in the treatment of inflammatory conditions, use of Dexamethasone may impede an individual’s infection-fighting ability. It can also spike blood sugar levels, cause injury to the muscles, or put consumers at risk for psychiatric issues. Consumers could also inadvertently suppress the adrenal gland if they take the drug for a sustained period, or in high doses; a licensed healthcare professional should be consulted to evaluate a patient for either the risk or existence of adrenal suppression. As in the case with consumption of Diclofenac, unknowingly consuming dexamethasone along with other medications could result in significant side effects.

Distributed across the U.S. via Amazon and other online platforms, the consumer-level recall affects all lots of Himalayan Pain Relief Tea. Consumed as a tea, the product comes packaged in a muted yellow box that contains 6 tea packets. Each box bears a printed barcode of 0841920015.

Although WS Global, Inc. has not been made aware of any adverse events in connection to the problem to date, anyone who is taking Himalayan Pain Relief Tea is urged to consult their healthcare provider immediately to discontinue use of the product in a safe manner. Consumers should note that it is important for a healthcare professional to asses the risk of corticosteroid withdrawal for each individual, as abruptly discontinuing use may elicit withdrawal symptoms.

Further questions about the recall can be directed to the company via email at wsnyinc@outlook.com or via text message at 347-925-1755. Consumers can expect a response within 12-24 hours of contact.

Consumers experiencing any product-related health problems should seek medical attention.

As the FDA continues to oversee this recall, the agency asks that any related adverse events or issues be reported to its MedWatch program.


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