FDA warns – El Chilar Ground Cinnamon “Canela Molida” recalled due to possible elevated lead levels

Apopka, Florida-based El Chilar Rodriguez LLC has voluntarily recalled 127 cases (12 1.25-ounce bags/case) of its El Chilar Ground Cinnamon “Canela Molida” because the product may contain traces of lead at elevated levels, according to the FDA.

While exposure to lead at very low levels and during a short term may not cause an individual to exhibit any symptoms, even increased blood lead levels is sometimes the only obvious sign of exposure. Those exposed to higher concentrations and on a chronic basis are more likely than others to show other signs and symptoms. Consumers should be aware that while lead can impact nearly every system in the body, individual experiences may vary based on age and body weight.

A child who experiences a certain amount of lead exposure for weeks to months may suffer lasting damage to their central nervous system, which has been known to result in “learning disorders, developmental defects, and other long-term health problems.” Adults who are chronically exposed to enough lead have developed “kidney dysfunction, hypertension, and neurocognitive effects.” Ingestion of lead at certain levels has been connected to major health problems that include brain and kidney damage, and can also disrupt the vital red blood cell production that allows oxygen to travel throughout the body.

Announced by El Chilar Rodriguez LLC on March 6, 2024, the recall covers products with lot codes D300 EX1024 or F272 EX1026 stamped on the packaging’s front side, as seen in the product photo attached in the FDA communication. Affected products were distributed by La Raza LLC, of Forestville, Maryland, to a number of brick-and-mortar retail venues across Maryland.

Officials say they took action after an analysis of product samples collected by the Maryland Department of Health demonstrated heightened lead levels. An investigation has since found that the problem may have origins in “potentially adulterated raw material from the supplier.”

While the company has not received any reports of illness in connection to the issue to date, anyone who has purchased the product under either lot code D300 EX1024 or F272 EX1026 is asked to immediately cease all use of the product. To receive a complete refund, consumers may return the item to the point of purchase.

Those who suspect anyone in their family may have been exposed to lead are advised to consult and report symptoms to their healthcare provider.

For other recall-related questions, consumers may call El Chilar Rodriguez LLC at 407-880-6007 Mondays through Fridays, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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