FDA warns – Barkworthies, Best Bully Sticks Green Tripe dog treats recalled due to potential presence of foreign metals

TDBBS LLC, of Richmond, Virginia, has recalled 3,551 bags of Green Tripe dog treats, sold under the Barkworthies and Best Bully Sticks brands, because the products may contain foreign metal objects, warns the FDA.

Announced by the company on June 20, 2024, the voluntary recall covers products that were made available for purchase from February to May 2024, in retail stores and via online mail orders across the U.S. Consumers are advised that only the products under the following lot codes are impacted:

  • Green Tripe, Barkworthies Brand, 7 oz bag
    • UPC 816807015686
    • Item #2015686
    • Lot Codes: WO151768, WO152373
    • Best-By Date: Feb–Mar 2026
  • Green Tripe, Best Bully Sticks Brand, 2 lb bag
    • UPC 816807016027
    • Item #1016027
    • Lot Codes: WO152669, WO153321, WO152107
    • Best-By Date: Mar–Aug 2026
  • Green Tripe, Best Bully Sticks Brand, 5 lb bag
    • UPC 816807016010
    • Item #1016010
    • Lot Codes:WO151401, WO152319, WO153179
    • Best-By Date: Jan–Apr 2026

As demonstrated by the product photos included in the FDA announcement, affected products can be identified by the lot codes and “best-by” dates printed on the white sticker adhered to the back of the package.

Dogs or other animals that consume products matching the descriptions above may be at risk of a health hazard brought on by the possible presence of metal objects. Pets who may have consumed an affected product should be closely watched. In the event that an animal exhibits signs of illness, a veterinarian should be contacted.

While TDBBS LLC has not been notified of any pet injuries or illnesses in connection to the issue, consumers who may have purchased an affected product are urged to discard the item. For instructions on how to initiate a return or for other recall-related questions, the company may be contacted via email at support@bestbullysticks.com or by phone at 877-483-5853, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00p.m. Eastern Time.

As a reminder, consumers are advised that no other products under the two brands or manufactured by the company are covered by the recall. At this time, TDBBS LLC continues to collaborate with distributing and retail partners to ensure affected products are no longer being sold or included in store inventory.


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