FDA Warns – Almondy recalls batch of Almondy Chocolate Cake with Daim 14.1oz

According to the FDA, Almondy announced a recall of a select number of its Almondy Chocolate Cake with Daim 14.1oz on January 25, 2023, after a foreign metal object was discovered in the cake. As a precautionary measure, the company decided to recall an entire batch of the product.

Officials confirmed the recall only impacts the Almondy Chocolate cake with Daim 14.1oz, described as a “Swedish almond cake with chocolate and crunchy caramel” which is exclusively distributed to, and purchased at, IKEA stores. Affected products can be identified by the printed batch code L2140 and “Best Before Date” November 18, 2023. Photos of the product packaging can also be referenced in the FDA communication.

Anyone who may possess the product is encouraged to return it to the IKEA store where it was purchased to receive a complete refund. Consumers also have the option of contacting Almondy via its website, www.almondy.com.

Almondy has not disclosed how the foreign object might have ended up in the product, but the company’s Quality Director says new safety measures have since been established to prevent a future similar incident. No reports of adverse events related to the recall are included in the recall announcement.

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