FDA warns – 4 torta sandwiches with cotija cheese recalled by Fresh and Ready Foods due to potential trace of Listeria

Fresh & Ready Foods, of San Fernando, California, has recalled four of its torta sandwiches, which contain cotija cheese and which were sold across four states,

The voluntary recall, initiated on February 9, 2024, follows Rizo-López Foods Inc.’s recall of its cotija cheese due to a possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination and concerns that the cheese could be linked to an outbreak.

While healthy individuals infected with Listeria may only experience short-lived symptoms like “high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea,” women who are pregnant may suffer miscarriages or stillbirths. The infection is also more likely to turn serious, sometimes fatal, in those with weakened immune systems, including young children and elderly people.

Distributed from January 21, 2024 to February 6, 2024, the affected sandwiches come in 9-ounce plastic containers and were sold exclusively at locations across “Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah.”

As can be referenced in images attached to the FDA announcement, the following products are covered under the recall:

  • Fresh & Ready Ham Torta Sandwich, 9 oz
    • UPC Number 8290690707
    • “Use By” date 02/03/2024-02/22/2024
  • Fresh & Ready Chicken Torta Sandwich, 9 oz
    • UPC Number 8290690706
    • “Use By” date 02/03/2024-02/22/2024
  • Sprig & Sprout Ham Torta Sandwich on Telera Roll, 9 oz
    • UPC Number 8290690720
    • “Use By” date 01/27/2024-02/15/2024
  • Jack & Olive Ham Torta Sandwich on Telera Roll, 9 oz
    • UPC Number 8290690725
    • “Use By” date 01/27/2024-02/15/2024

Consumers should note that the “use by” date can be found either on the bottom-left of the front label, or above the UPC code on the back label.

Although Fresh & Ready Foods has not received any reports of illness in connection to the products, anyone who has purchased one of the above products is instructed to discard of the item as soon as possible.

The company may be contacted via email at RecallConcern@HotLineGlobal.com, or by calling 1-855-424-8390. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time for questions regarding the recall or a refund.


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