FDA warns – 1 lot of 365 Whole Foods Market Vegan Ultimate Veggie Thin Crust Pizza recalled due to potential presence of milk

A single lot of 365 Whole Foods Markey Vegan Ultimate Veggie Thin Crust Pizza has been recalled by Richelieu Foods Inc. due to potential traces of milk, an allergen not listed in the product’s ingredient statement, reports the FDA.

Individuals who live with a milk allergy or sensitivity are warned against consuming the product, as they could suffer a major, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction otherwise.

Initiated by the Wheeling, Illinois-based company on February 6, 2024, the recall covers products under lot code 06152024 and a “Best By” date of 6/15/2024. Officials say 144 individual pizzas were accidentally introduced into the supply chain and distributed for purchase in a number of retail stores across “Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.”

The 13.7-ounce pizza is packaged in a carton with “Best By” date 6/15/2024 printed on the side opposite of the tear strip.

Consumers should note that no other Whole Foods 365 pizzas are included in the recall.

Although Richelieu Foods Inc. has not received any reports of related illnesses or allergic reactions to date, anyone who may have purchased a product from lot code 06152024 and a “Best By” date of 6/15/2024 should refrain from eating it. The item should be discarded or brought back to the point of purchase for a total refund.

Recall-related questions may be addressed to company representative Priya Sundaram at 224-998-0357. Emails can be sent to info@richelieufoods.com.


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